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Base Skin Bespoke Facial

£70 | 60 Mins

Base Skin Bespoke Facial + LED

£85 | 90 Mins

Bespoke facials begin with a skin analysis and your facial will be tailored to your skin and concerns.  Each facial is unique to you and your requirements, and products, devices and masks will be selected accordingly.  All bespoke facials include extractions, sculpting massage and depending on your needs Electrical Muscle Stimulation, High Frequency, Galvanic, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping or LED Light Therapy.

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Depending on your individual needs the facial will involve the following:

High Frequency – This treatment is wonderful for oily or blemish prone skin. After applying gauze a high frequency device is moved across the skin. The high frequency current is antibacterial, and targets excess oil production while oxygenating the skin. The current stimulates micro circulation resulting in a brighter complexion.

Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage – Our body’s lymphatic system is a wonderful thing, working hard to clear waste and toxins from the body. However a sluggish lymphatic system leads to a buildup of toxins and that can result in puffiness around the body. During this lymphatic treatment, a gentle vacuum suction is used to mechanically drain waste and toxins from under the skin towards the lymph nodes to be removed. The main benefits of lymphatic drainage are an increased circulation of blood and nutrients to the skin, stimulated cell metabolism, and the removal of waste products within the skin.

Iontophoresis – Using Ions to push product deeply into the skin, this treatment is wonderfully hydrating and perfect for anyone with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. Collagen gel is applied to the face and a conductive roller moves around the skin until the product is completely absorbed.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – A gym workout for your skin. EMS is a painless non-surgical treatment that tones and lifts the facial muscles, smoothes and plumps fine lines, and lifts sagging skin. Alongside muscle stimulation the additional benefits are reduced puffiness, increased circulation and stimulated sensory nerve endings.

LED Therapy – Red, Blue, Yellow or Green light are used to treat a variety of skin concerns such as: ageing/skin rejuvenation, acne/blemish prone skin, pigmentation concerns, and red or sensitive skin. A relaxing and restorative treatment for your skin.

Pharma-grade Facials with IS Clinical

iS Clinical is a leading cosmeceutical skincare brand. Their focus is on developing results driven products for a variety of skin conditions.
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The iS Clinical range is effective in treating hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne and the early signs of ageing with its cleanse, treat, hydrate, protect approach. Favoured by a number of celebrity facialists, it is one of the top 3 skincare brands in the US.

The ‘Red Carpet’ Fire + Ice facial is one of their most recognised treatments. This treatment mimics the effects of a peel, resurfacing and smoothing the skin with zero downtime. It is the perfect facial for problematic, pigmented, dull and dehydrated skin. The Foaming Enzyme Facial works in a similar way to the Fire & Ice facial, but is suitable for sensitive skin types.

iS Clinical Foaming Enzyme Facial

£80 | 60 Mins

iS Clinical Foaming Enzyme Facial + LED

£90 | 90 Mins

iS Clinical Fire + Ice Facial 

£100 | 60 Mins

iS Clinical Fire + Ice Facial 

£270 | Course of 3 x 60 Mins

iS Clinical Fire + Ice Facial with Sculpting Facial Massage

£90 | 90 Mins

iS Clinical Fire + Ice Facial with Sculpting Facial Massage + LED

£120 | 90 Mins

iS Clinical Fire + Ice Facial with Sculpting Facial Massage + LED

£315 | Course of 3 x 90 Mins

New Treatment Introductory Offers for a limited time only:

iS Clinical P2 Peel + LED

£150 | 60 Mins


iS Clinical P2 Peel + LED

£395 | Course of 3 x 60 Mins


Exceed Micro-needling + LED

£150 | 90 Mins


Exceed Micro-needling + LED

£395 | Course of 3 x 90 Mins


Please note that you will be required to have a consultation and skin analysis prior to the iS Clinical P2 Peel or Exceed Micro-needling to assess your suitability.

Advanced Sculpting Face + Buccal Massage with Cupping

£75 | 90 Mins

LED Stand Alone Sessions

£30 or course of 6 for £125

Gift Vouchers are available and can be made for any amount. 

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